Norwex EnviroCloth

The EnviroCloth is absolutely amazing!  Norwex’s Microfiber cloths are set apart by their amazing quality and effectiveness. Each fiber is 1/200th the size of a single human hair. Crazy, right!  Using ONLY WATER, the dense weave of their ultra-fine microfibers can remove up to 99% of bacteria from your surfaces.  Not only that, a liquid micro silver is embedded in their microfiber cloths that self-cleanses within 24 hours to drastically reduce mold, fungi and bacterial odor.  Your cloths and towels stay cleaner and fresher longer. 

You can clean anything with the EnviroCloths, you can even dust wet or dry. Although you can use one EnviroCloth for all jobs, personally I don’t mix my toilet parts with my counter partsthe_original_smiley_face_classic_round_sticker-r8c41697f171a4d97975ffd6ce27b8c3e_v9waf_8byvr_324  I’ve got to have a separate cloth for my toilets.

I love that the EnviroCloths come in different colors because I color coordinate my cloths depending on the cleaning job. Pink is my favorite color, so I use the pink one for my bathroom counters, faucets, stainless steel, tables, mirrors, windows, dusting (dry or wet), bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, to disinfect kitchen counters once food is removed by kitchen cloth, car windows/mirrors, and more. It literally can do any job!

I use the gray EnviroCloth strictly for my TOILETS! THAT IS IT! In my house we call it the poopie gray cloth so everyone knows its just for the toilets.  Now that I don’t use chemicals, my kids are actually helping more with cleaning the bathroom counter tops and other surface areas.

Shhhh…they love cleaning and are having tons of fun doing it, but they don’t realize they are actually doing chores.

It’s not a magical towel though, you have to actually wipe the surface well for it to remove the bacteria and any residue left from previous cleaners.  Therefore, I do all of the icky jobs myself, like cleaning the toilets, to make sure they are done effectively.

*All Norwex Microfiber products carry a 2 year warranty, and all of our products have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.


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