Perfect Dusting Solutions

The EnviroWand and Dusting Mitt are must-haves in my opinion!  They make dusting so much quicker and easier.  You can even dust wet or dry.   Not only do they dust, but they can also remove up to 99% of bacteria from your surfaces.  Both have the micro silver antibacterial agent that to work to self- purify and inhibit bacterial odors, mold and mildew growth as well.

Before Norwex, I definitely used to love my polishing sprays.  I have tons of wood in my home and I even have those pesky thick wood blinds that take forever to clean.  The wood blinds in my kitchen are the ones that really take forever to clean because they not only collect dust, but grease from all of the cooking being done in the kitchen.

As a side note, I actually use a spray bottle full of water with a tsp. of the Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent to degrease my kitchen cabinets and my wood blinds.  Then, I use my wet Enviro Mitt to clean them because it is much more convenient and quicker, because I can get in and around all of the crevices easily.

Like I said previously, I loved my polishing sprays but I didn’t realize I was not only releasing harmful aerosols into the air, but I was also attracting dust and creating more buildup on my surfaces.  Hence creating more work for myself, because I had to dust more often. I would spray my surfaces to help wipe up dust better. But then the water evaporates over time, leaving a slightly sticky residue which just attracts more and more dust. A little counter-productive!

More and more dust means I should have been dusting more often, but who has time to dust every week?  I definitely don’t, so I just let the dust build up and build up creating more allergens in my home.  My family has really bad allergies and I didn’t realize I was probably causing a lot of the dust allergens because of the way I dusted.  Oops, sorry guys!


Norwex is wonderful because it has allowed me to be more efficient and quicker at dusting.  The Dusting Mitt and EnviroWand also uses static electricity and a looser weave of microfiber to pick up every piece of dirt and dust you can imagine! And it doesn’t even clump up and fall off as you walk around the house with your cloth. 😊

Note: The EnviroWand connects to the Telescopic Handle in order to reach higher places.

Here’s how to use the Enviro Mit

Heres how I use the EnviroWand

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