Stay in hotels often? Let me show you how to quickly clean the “hot spots” without fumigating your room with chemicals.


Have you ever arrived at your hotel room, especially with your children and wonder whether the room is truly clean? I mean, clean to YOUR standards?

I travel often with my children and I wonder that same thing, every time I step into a hotel room.  Upon opening the door everything looks beautiful and smells of freshly washed linens but I can’t help but think about whether the “hot spots” have been neglected.  I’ll get to what I mean by “hot spots” in a moment.

First of all, I am not a germophobe by any means.  I know how good, bacteria is for maintaining a healthy immune system.  However, the thought of someone’s hairs in the tub where my young children will sit and take their bath or the thought of someone’s naked bottom sitting on the same toilet that we will sit on, just creeps me out.  EEWW!  I’m sorry for the visual but you won’t feel me if I don’t keep it real.

In college, I worked the front desk at a major chain hotel and I know first hand the things that are often missed by housekeepers.  Guest would come down and complain about issues with their room (I’ll spare the details) and because of that experience I am very aware of the “hot spots” I need to clean before ever feeling comfortable staying the night.

What are “HOT SPOTS”?

  • Toilet
  • Tub
  • Counter Tops
  • Faucets
  • Light switches,
  • Door handle (inside and out)
  • Lamp switches
  • Remote control
  • Thermostat controller panel
  • Telephone (receiver and buttons)

How I used to clean those “hot spots”…

If we were driving to the hotel, I would pack my cleaning supplies in a suitcase, but if we were flying, I tried to pack sample sizes of all of my cleaning supplies so that they wouldn’t get thrown away during the security check.  

As soon as we got to the room, I would tell my husband to take the kids somewhere for about 1/2 hour so they wouldn’t be exposed to the fumes.  Then, I would clean the “hot spots” using all the chemicals I had brought.  Unlike at home where you can open the windows for ventilation, I was stuck in this tiny space breathing in all of my cleaning chemicals.  What a DUMMY!  That was totally NOT a smart way to clean, nor was it safe!  


OH BOY what a difference our vacations and mini hotel stays are now!  I simply pack 2 Norwex EnviroCloths in my suitcase and THAT IS IT!  The best part, is that my kids can stay in the room the entire time and it only takes me about 7 minutes to clean ALL OF THE HOT SPOTS!  

The above photos are from a recent hotel stay and trust me, I literally timed myself cleaning.  The EnviroCloths are very easy to pack and travel with whether by plane or car.  

Oh yeah, you can even put them in your purse or carry on bag and clean your tray and seat on the plane. pexels-photo-585009.jpeg
What is an EnviroCloth?

It is a densely woven microfiber that cleans mechanically, not chemically.  You ONLY USE WATER and the dense weave of the ultra-fine microfibers can remove up to 99% of Bacteria from your surfaces.  Not only that, a liquid Micro Silver is embedded in the microfiber cloths which allows is to self-cleanse within 24 hours to drastically reduce mold, fungi and bacterial odor.  That means it stay cleaner and fresher longer. 

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